Bungalow Lit

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Updating Classic American Bungalows

J's sister , Elaine, got us this book as a Christmas gift! A great overview of historical renovation and new ideas in modern bungalow design...

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Home by Design by Sarah Susanka


Sarah Susanka is back with another look at the home that is better, not bigger.

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Kid-Safe Electrical Outlet Covers

It's high-end, but the Safe-Plate childproof outlet cover is a nicely engineered solution that might merit a place in one or two rooms of your house.

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Amby - The Renovator's Crib


When you have a newborn in a construction zone, the Amby provides a practical alternative to a crib.

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Out Damn Spot! Getting Rid of Old House Stains


This house eats our clothes.  Seriously.  Or it tries to, anyway.  So I use the "one-two punch!" to fight back or else we'd be a) dressed like ragamuffins ALL of the time, or b) sinking all of our extra budget into purchasing clean shirts versus paying for lumber.

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My favorite bald guy


My favorite bald guy.  It's not Kojak.  Or Moby.  It's Mr. Clean.

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Hardware & Appliances

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Lee Valley Tools...awesome!

A postcard from Grandpa K introduces us to a great new resource...

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Structured Wiring Distribution Panels

After a lot of research, I've settled on a distribution panel for our multimedia structured wiring system.

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Home Improvement

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Small House Style: Cottage Living

A new magazine sheds further light on alternatives to the 'McMansion' dream.

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Fine Homebuilding Magazine

An architect friend who redid their own bungalow turned us on to this great magazine.

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House Resources

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Old House Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Oh! We love the adorable vintage holiday cards that we find in here. This is from Mr & Mrs Clem Whitaker in the early 1930's.

Okay, well, Christmas bungalow (and old house) people...What do you want in YOUR stocking this year?

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Rust-Oleum Enamel Spraypaint


Rust-Oleum helped us to finish off several unique projects, sealing rust areas and providing an attractive finish.

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Peel Away


A respected product we've found appropriate for some (but not all) situations.

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Oxo Tools and Gardening Implements, How I Love Thee


You say it's pronounced "ox-oh"?  I'll tell you it stands for "hugs-kiss-hugs".

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EZ Clean Paint Brush


EZ Clean Paint Brush road test.

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Websites & Videos

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Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer 2.0

So easy to use, yet...so very "off color"...

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History Channel's "Back to the Blueprint"


A quality program where the research outclasses the typical home shows popular these days.

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Unbiased reviews of tools and resources based on our experiences restoring an old home.

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