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Bungalow Lit

The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka (09-06-03)
Bungalow Bathrooms by Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen (10-06-03)
American Bungalow Magazine (12-06-03)
Natural Home Magazine (02-11-04)
Home by Design by Sarah Susanka (03-09-04)
Updating Classic American Bungalows (04-12-04)
Patterns of Home...and Light (07-19-04)
Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival (07-20-06)


Kid-Safe Electrical Outlet Covers (12-01-05)
Amby - The Renovator's Crib (02-04-06)


Miracle Cloth from Mom (02-23-05)
Out Damn Spot! Getting Rid of Old House Stains (03-19-06)
My favorite bald guy (07-26-06)

Hardware & Appliances

Quiet Bathroom Fan (10-26-03)
EFI Fan/Light Time Delay Switch (10-26-03)
Tempura Automatic Pressure Compensating Valve (10-26-03)
Structured Wiring Wrapped Bundle (05-25-04)
Air Conditioning Systems: Conventional vs. High Velocity (06-30-04)
Structured Wiring Distribution Panels (07-21-04)
Wire Mesh Cable Trays (07-30-04)
Best Skylights? Velux Skylights! (09-16-04)
Residential Scene Lighting Controls (01-03-05)
Lee Valley Tools...awesome! (02-09-05)
Help for the Color Impaired (08-16-05)
Temporary Paper Window Shades (11-01-05)
Unstuff that Chilly, Cold Nose with a Nifty Humidifier (12-20-05)

Home Improvement

Working Windows by Terence Meany (09-06-03)
Fine Homebuilding Magazine (09-06-03)
Family Handyman Magazine (10-06-03)
Reader's Digest Helpful Hints (12-01-03)
Renovating Old Houses (01-05-04)
Gutted! by Lawrence LaRose (09-01-04)
Built-In Furniture by Jim Tolpin (09-21-04)
Small House Style: Cottage Living (10-07-04)
On Time & On Budget (01-09-05)
The Essential House Book (04-06-05)
Apartment Space & Life Therapy (03-12-07)

House Resources

Old House Christmas Stocking Stuffers (12-18-04)


Interlux Brightside Primer & Paint (02-20-04)
Peel Away (03-22-04)
Beadboard Types and Styles (01-21-05)
Plaster vs. Drywall (03-22-05)
Rust-Oleum Enamel Spraypaint (06-19-05)
Fresh Shellac Kits (08-26-05)
Keim Mineral Paints (09-21-05)


Wet-Dry Vac (Shop-Vac) (07-05-03)
Milwaukee Sawzall Reciprocating Saw (08-05-03)
Silent Paint Remover (08-05-03)
Cordless Drill, Circular Saw Combo (01-20-04)
Stanley Lever Lock Tape Measure (04-02-04)
Lil' Red Lawnmower that Could (08-27-04)
Bosch 3 1/4" Electric Planer (06-13-05)
Oxo Tools and Gardening Implements, How I Love Thee (05-22-06)
EZ Clean Paint Brush (11-09-07)

Websites & Videos

Home Improvement Advice Websites (03-30-04)
Hewn and Hammered (08-11-04)
We're All History (10-19-04)
This Old House Email Newsletter (11-16-04)
Structured Wiring Tutorial DVD (11-21-04)
Tivo - a Home Improvement Tool? (01-23-05)
Web-based To-Do Lists (03-28-05)
Interactive Home Design Tools (04-19-05)
We ARE the Blandings (04-22-05)
Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer 2.0 (05-23-05)
History Channel's "Back to the Blueprint" (06-14-05)
Easy Custom Tile Design Tool (02-09-06)
Five Fun Gardening Blogs and a Lotta Links (05-19-06)
Google SketchUp - An Amazing Home Improvement Tool (01-03-07)
IKEA Hacker (03-01-07)
DesignMyRoom Launches - Congrats to Swatchbox (08-31-07)

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