The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka

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Our Review

Sarah Susanke has made a career of promoting ideas in a traditional design principles in a way that speaks to the modern situation and responds to the "McMansions" that continue to spring up across America.

Susanke has a wonderful sense of how to maximize space for personal use. She advocates for built-in furniture, small scaled design built around daily activities, and open light-filled design.

A favorite example of her sensibilities is her treatise on mail-sorting. She takes her analysis of such simple modern issues like junk mail in plesantly practical design directions. (Note: If you're interested in this particular topic, check out Sarah's other book Not So Big Solutions for Your Home.)

While we are still awaiting the opportunity to incorporate Sarah's concepts in to our own renovation work, her sensibilities were a factor in our original search for a "not so big" house for ourselves.

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