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An architect friend who redid their own bungalow turned us on to this great magazine.

Our Review

While This Old House might be more well known, Fine Homebuilding really stands out for those interested in craftsmanship over quick & easy solutions. Popular within the trade (all the articles are written by contractors but most are accessible by anyone reasonably handy), they take a very loving approach to each task they focus on. We just love reading advice for people with as much passion for old homes as we have but with way more experience!

If you need a second opinion, the Chicago Tribune ranks it as one of the top 15 magazines in America. They say that "this bimonthly is the unsung gem for knowledgeable do-it-yourselfers with taste, a budget and perhaps a need for scholarly debate on whether vinyl siding belongs on a fine home. Stories are written by contractors, builders and architects, and all of them share disgust for cookie-cutter homes, McMansions and other misadventures of the nouveau riche.

Who can't love that...

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