Bungalow Bathrooms by Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen

Category: Bungalow Lit

A valuable resource for anyone considering options for a period restoration of a bathroom.

Our Review

We fell in love with this book as we've tried to solve our own first floor bathroom dilemma.

A few things the book has helped to clarify...

- Tile wainscoting around the whole room was pretty common in bungalows of our era.

- White wall tile and black and white hex tile on the floor was the norm.
- Tile wainscoting was commonly caped with trim wood or tile, but can also end with flush trim tile pieces.

- Heavy use of colored tile didn't start until the 30s, although colored wall trim was also common.

- While less common, beadboard wainscoting and plain walls were also used.

The book has lots of great photos, a section on history, and guidelines for both the average and "obsessive" restorationist.

Looking through it even started us thinking about the master bathroom upstairs, which will be lots of fun. One thing at a time, though... that won't be until sometime this winter. For now we're in the process of getting a few bids to install tile for the first floor. We're going to wait until we get prices to choose a pattern and determine if we do the tile wainscot or just do the shower.

The best thing about the book is imagining what it will be like to actually have an (attractive) working bathroom some day!!

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