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We received a copy of this book as a Christmas present.

Our Review

Since Reader's Digest also publishes Family Handyman Magazine, this book is actually a compilation of the best from the magazine's archives.

This means the Reader's Digest of Helpful Hints covers a surprisingly broad range of topics:

  • Tips and tricks for the thrifty do-it-yourself-er. Neat ideas included how to build your own simple shop furniture.
  • Uncommon facts. I never knew that a 'cubit' was basically the length from your elbow to the tip of your finger until I read this book.
  • Its also sprinkled with a healthy amount of basic knowledge every 'family handyman' should know byt that nobody necessarily tells you. While you might find it hard to get someone at Home Depot to spend a few minutes to explain the basics of lumber or wall fasteners, you'll find a great orientation here.
  • How-tos. All the basic problems are addressed here...patching wallboard, repairing a cartridge faucet, stripping name it.

While the constant puns can get old ('Plane Sense'), the book is a nice and sometimes ingeneous reference volume for your home improvement library.

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