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All hail the Sawzall! We love it!

Our Review

Knowing we were going to move on to some serious projects this fall, J did some asking around on the Fine Homebuilding message board. Turns out the best craftsmen in the trade love their Milwaukee 6509-22 10 Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saws...

That was enough to convince us and we picked one up for ourselves. So far we've found it great when tearing up our bathroom and trimming thick branches away from our roof.We also felt our purchase was validated when our electrician's weapon of choice was a Sawzall for installing conduit and a ceiling fan in our first floor bathroom. We look forward to using it to get started on the do-it-yourself projects upstairs this fall.

What have we like so much about it? Well here are our reactions:

  • It has a neat "quik-loc" blade release mechanism..its installs without any tedious key mechanism, but is very secure.
  • Its variable speed trigger works very well for a variety of situations.
  • The only limitation we found is that the saw only comes with two blades...metal and wood. For owners of old homes, we're recommend getting special plaster blades.
  • 10 amps is great power. There are cordless saws out there, but we didn't get one because we were nervous it wouldn't be able to handle some of the heavier duty work like cutting plaster & lathe that we're doing.

So if you're looking for a sturdy multi-purpose cutting tool you couldn't go wrong with this one. (And if you've already got one, we'd love to hear comments about what you think too!)

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