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"The best birthday present I ever received!" - J

Our Review

Yes, J really did ask for a Wet-Dry Vac for her birthday. (Of course, I gave her that plus something a bit more traditional!)

Anyway, the wet-dry vacuum really has been an indespensible tool. In only a few months of home renovation we probably kicked up enough dust to build a whole guest house!

As proof of its role as a home renovation essential, our regular vacuum choked up recently when a wayward nail got caught in the tube. (Some duct tape actually corrected the whole thing, but that's a review for another day...) Under the same circumstances, the wet-dry vac marches on!

Our main advice: regardless of the horsepower or container capacity you choose, get a HEPA filter. These filters are critical because they are certified to capture the tiny dust particles that will definitely kick up if you're working with plaster or fiberglass insulation. The HEPA filter keeps these particles where they belong--in the vacuum!

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