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Cordless power makes small jobs quick and easy.

Our Review

Way back when, our first major tool purchase was an 18 volt cordless set--drill, circular trim saw and work light.

The set immediately became useful for basic jobs around the house as well as more ambitious renovation projects. While the circular saw sometimes seems under-powered, I have to remind myself that it's just a trim saw. It's not designed for major projects but it's perfect for a quick cut on anything smaller than a 2x4.

A few recommendations based on our research and experience:

  • Get the highest voltage you can afford and consider 14.4 volts a minimum. It increases performance in battery life and power.
  • Most drill models have a variable speed trigger, but make sure. Not all jobs are great for speed, as we've learned through stripping more than our fair share of screws.
  • A drill with adjustable tork will let you increase power when necessary.
  • While it might not seem important, get a set with a good case. It lets you pack the tools out of the way when they're not in use and helps to keep them clean.
  • Don't forget the drill bits. We have a nice 13-piece set from Dewalt that has been great.

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