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Hate the loud hum of typical bathroom fans? We did, so we love the near-silent Panisonic WisperFit...

Our Review

Okay. Whoop-di-do. That's what you're sayin'.

But WAIT! Ventilation of your bathroom, attic, kitchen...any space that can trap humidity is CRITICAL to saving your woodwork and keeping air circulation high. By not venting the bathrooms, the previous homeowners wrecked a lot of the room upstairs. But venting things without it being SUPER obvious? Also very hard.

There are a lot of BIG ugly noisy fans out there. Trust us.

These Panasonic fans are low profile and pretty quiet. If a normal conversation takes place at approximately 3-4 "sones" (that's how they measure it), you can get a fan that is quieter than 0.8 sones. Very quite. Very cool.

We got ours at Energy Federation Incorporated but you can probably find other sites with better prices.

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