EFI Fan/Light Time Delay Switch

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A mechanical wonder for preventing mildew and mold in the bathroom.

Our Review

Our most excellent neighbor, K, reminded us that a fan is pretty useless unless you remember to turn it on and LEAVE it on until humidity is gone. Sometimes long after you've showered and dashed out the door. (She already plans on replacing their wallpaper this year in the bath. If you don't turn the fan on? It isn't good to the wallpaper.) And you don't want to waste energy.

So, A's reading of Fine Homebuilding paid off when he spotted the EFI Fan/Light Time Delay Switch. ONE switch turns on a fan and separate light. But YOU can set the user controls to keep the fan running until the humidity in the room has reached a certain point, EVEN IF YOU TURN OUT THE LIGHT. Then it turns itself off.

We are big geeks. Oh well....

The only place we were able to find this mechanical wonder was via Energy Federation Incorporated. Which needs to seriously work on its website shop. However, they sell some cool products, so we forgive them.

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