Tempura Automatic Pressure Compensating Valve

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This little thing got us out of a pinch with local building codes.

Our Review

So we got really excited about a particular bathroom fixture from Chicago Faucets. Then the guy helping us with the bathroom plumbing told us that Chicago code now requires that all new shower installations include a pressure balancing valve. The device, included in the fixture has a mechanism that prevents rapid shifts in water temperature. Our Chicago Faucet was a traditional design that didn't include pressure balancing. What now!?

After some research, our solution was an "Automatic Pressure Compensating Valve" manufactured by Tempura.

The valve is installed "upstream" from the shower fixture, the valve regulates the water flow of both the hot and cold water supply lines. A single moving part senses changes in water pressure in one line and adjusts the water flow in the other supply line accordingly.

Accomplishing the same goal of compliant fixtures, the valve is marketed as a way to stay compliant with codes but still use traditional fixtures.

The only place I was able to find one online was from the helpful folks at A-Ball Plumbing Supply.

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