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A wonderful book I've used to make some critical discoveries about our house.

Our Review

I'm so surprised that there is controversy (yes! controversy!) about this Taunton Press Book that I'm in love with and can't buy yet. (I cruise by the local bookstore, flip through it longingly, and count off the days until Christmas.)

The reviews are brimming with Love it! Hate it! Pattern Language was better! Patterns of Home is invaluable! One doesn't often see this kind of public passionate display, this controversy, that centers on books written by I love it, of course.

(Yes, Pattern Language was amazing. But I'm a visual learner and I NEVER tire of gazing through pages of beautifully executed detail. So, I appreciate both books in different ways. See, I'm a uniter, not a divider. Whoops! Did I say that?! Shut my mouth.)

Besides enjoying the designs in the book, page 168 in this book has been an obsession for me. I'm embarrassed to admit it. Because, on that page, I saw some amazing Mica sconces which I had not seen anywhere else. And I couldn't find a reference to "who" made them. During long, insomnia-fueled nights, I have searched the internet backwards and forwards. Where? Where? Where were these beautiful lights???

Sleep deprivation turns me into a complete drama queen. Not a good thing. I froth a little at the mouth too. Not pretty.

So, I turn the pages of that book. Then I come home and look at this house in a whole new way. I see the patterns that the builders put throughout. I'll show these to you in pictures as soon as I get a collection of the photos done. Because seeing the patterns is fun.

And then, it hits me. We can't change things in here too much...we are....


Although it brings to mind everything that is "Ghostbusters," what it REALLY means is that the choices we are making have to be sifted through the existing pattern choices of the house. That is how we know we have succeeded. If every room looks completely different, something will be ajar....askew. Not quite right.

So, back to the lighting.

In the photo, these lights are used within a hallway in the house displayed in the book. A house that was designed by the fabulously talented architectural firm, JSW/D Architects. Not only are they talented and detail-oriented, the person who answered the phone was extremely patient with lighting-obsessed me.

She went and found the architect who designed the hallway I have been admiring. Who gave me the name of the shop where they had purchased the lighting.

Time is running out for us, because we have to make decisions soon in order to get all of the fixtures order that need to be installed.

So, I clicked my mouse frantically to the site of Sue Johnson .

A similar fixture was on the site, and they are happy to make a set that matches the one in the magazine.

There patterns are beautiful, the light is so soft, can someone be this nutty about the patterns of light in the house?

Well, I guess so. 'Cause I am. Go ahead, convict me. I've had 3 hours of sleep in the last two days...

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