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A new magazine sheds further light on alternatives to the 'McMansion' dream.

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Who says they only stock up on OLD magazines in waiting rooms? ;)

I found this little jewel of a NEW magazine when I was waiting to get my hair trimmed this week...Cottage Living

Nice website too! Few bugs to work out, but hey! They're new.

Why did I like it so much? Simple designs...solid ideas that can be executed by "the craft challenged" (me, for example)...comparisons of products...and reasonable price ranges.

As evidenced by this quote on page 187:

"Good taste and creativity are more important than deep pockets."

For some of us, creativity is essential...'cause we ain't got deep pockets.

Cottage Living is a celebration of "la petite maison" (that sounds so much classier than "small house") and efficiency in living. There is also quite a bit of attention paid to architectural integrity as well.

Let's hope that future issues keep these themes going! Viva la small house!

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Architectural integrity? Wow... I might actually have to pick that up!
It always saddens me to see what the average newstand offers in design and architecture pulications~ a bajillion helpful tips for turning the efficiency kitchenette in a 20 story building into a Comfy Country Kitchen! More articles on how to create a flimsy fantasy by cover and disguise than to reveal and celebrate what you've got. I just don't get it.
On that note, your site actually brings me a little hope every day.
It also gives me hope that actually getting all my 92yo windows refurbished might happen this decade!


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