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A quick way to find some interesting historical properties for those interested in doing research on old historical architecture.

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The National Trust for Historic Preservation has introduced a cool little tool...only it is ON the Internet.

It's called the "Preservation Atlas". Just type a zip code--or a whole address--into the atlas and it can show you Historic Hotels, Main Street Communities, Endangered Places, and a lot more.

If you want to see what is historic and close to where you live, it can show you that.

Planning a vacation and want to scout out the historic hotels? It can help you do that too.

Interested in the latest Legal Defense Fund cases for Historic Preservation nearby? Just click.

Pretty neat, I'd say.

p.s. Another interesting "toolbox" (so to speak) can be found at the Preservation Directory.

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I typed in my address and nothing really came up. At least nothing within a 25 mile radius. How sad. I live down the street from a historic coal breaker. I thought that might show up.


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