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We have a lot of cool and interesting weblogs that we like and sites that we use which we list in the right hand column of our journal.

Here are some other websites to check out when you are looking for information or answers to home improvement problems.

Demesne (via Neat New Stuff) keeps a "suggested Home Maintenance" checklist for year 'round "To Do" list home junkies. Remember...improvement without maintenance doesn't STAY improved.

Garden Projects (also via Neat New Stuff...thank you, NNS) is similar...but gives a "To Do" list for the outside of the house. You don't want those pesky weeds again this year, right?

FINALLY! The order in which restoration should be done from Old House Restoration. Yes, floors are actually done last.

I know it's the National PARK Service. But their Preservation Briefs are uncommonly good.

Do you like ANIMATION with your "HOW TO"? Then you might like Easy2 Home Improvement Tutorials. This is a geeky instructional designers dream :) (Gotta say "hey" to all the Hewitt peeps out there from Learning & Development + Knowledge Management! It's an HA thang.)

You already know that we are BIG Fine Homebuilding Magazine fans because it is a magazine written for experts and professionals BY experts and professionals. (oh please, oh please, FHB, don't ever become like a mainstream Home Improvement Mag) Their articles are as fine as their Breaktime Forum...like this one on Lead Paint Safety, for instance.

Finally, if you like detailed drawings and very advanced How To advice for Your Old Home, consider checking out the Here’s How section of Old House Web. They'll give you the skinny--straight up, no foam.

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