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A weekly email that helps break down the vast TOH website into more manageable bites.

Our Review

The This Old House body of knowledge is huge. HUGE! I often find their website overwhelming because of the sheer volume of available information. Not surprising, given that that site content reflects the all of the projects and expertise from a show with 25 years of history. While I appreciate how much effort they've put into the site and how rich the content is, I find that the site is more of a place I go when I'm looking for something specific and not someplace I go to just browse. Maybe it's just me, but I don't have the same experience of "casual discovery" that I do with their magazine or their TV shows.

That is why I have such an appreciation for the weekly e-newsletter they produce. Each newsletter arrives via email mid-week neatly packaged around a specific topic and includes several articles of manageable length and excellent substance.

The topics seem to be a mix of new content from the magazine and archive materials from the Homeowners Almanac section of their site. Recent topics have included lighting and insulation.

Like most subscriptions of its type, signing up is free. While that's not unusual among the many sites that offer free e-newsletters, the useful knowledge of the This Old House crew and the relative lack of 'marketing veiled as journalism' makes it a real jewel.

If you don't already subscribe, check it out! You can register for the newsletter here.

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