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Oh! We love the adorable vintage holiday cards that we find in here. This is from Mr & Mrs Clem Whitaker in the early 1930's.

Okay, well, Christmas bungalow (and old house) people...What do you want in YOUR stocking this year?

Our Review

You might get it if you've been good!

What we are asking Santa for:

1) World peace.

2) A bunch of cabinet latches for the built-in's.

3) A finished bedroom. With no more dust or darkness. And heat that is in the room WITH you.

4) The book, Shop Drawings for Craftsman Interiors
: Cabinets, Moldings & Built-Ins for Every Room in the Home

5) Some numbered window tacks for our wood window project.

6) A chocolate lab Dog Penny ornament for Coco the Dog.

7) Antlers for Dave the Cat, as well as a Bug Jar

8) A gift card from either Menards or Lee Lumber

9) A night out with friends we'd like to see more often and rarely do because of housework.

10) A front door

What do you want in your stocking this year?

Tell US and we'll alert Santa. Because we know him personally. During the off season, he's a carpenter.

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Technically there's not much left for Santa to buy because I haven't been able to rein in my shopping compulsion this year.

Presents we will be getting:
Clawfoot tub
Reproduction chandelier for entry
Antique chandelier for guest bedroom
PetMate drinking fountain for kitties

Chiming in a little late here, but what the heck~ I hope the new year will bring me;

- Time to read all my wonderful Christmas books
- More time with all my wonderful friends in New York (the guest bedroom and bath now stand ready (or will in about 20 hrs)
- A new basement
- More than 2 electrical outlets in any given room
- A new front door, too... um, the same model as yours, but with 2 lites and a transom
- A better finance rate and all the neccessary permits.

Ho, ho ho!


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