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A practical crash-course on how to set up a mutually beneficial relationship between contractors and clients.

Our Review

No doubt about it. If you've ever been a client, you know that they can make...or break...your home improvement experience.

They are your craftspeople. Your contractors.

While you are working with them, you run an obstacle course of emotions normally associated with a hot and heavy romance.

Hope! And worry. Excitement! And insecurity. Relief! And tears. And thrills. And frustration. And contentment.

With that kind of intensity, it's important that you really understand how these relationships work well. Check your local bookstore and you'll find a HUNDRED titles about relationships and romance.

But you really only need to grab one book about contractors...this one.

Commonsense meets inspiration and wisdom in this nice little package of a book. It reads like a novel and instructs like an excellent self-help book. Along with the "to be expected" helpful lists, appendices and summary points, what Rusk really offers is valuable insight.

Don't spend money making mistakes ON the house in order to gain that insight (and end up having to have work done twice.) Save your money for something more critical.

Like walls. Or a floor.

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