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A postcard from Grandpa K introduces us to a great new resource...

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Grandpa K is not only a great sailor and grandpa...he has great resources. Two weeks ago, he sent us a fun postcard with a very valuable tip:

    Hi again! Got a catalog--you may already have it--from
    Lee Valley Tools Ltd. The tools are so neat & interesting.

    So I'll call and ask them to send a regular one to you.
    See ya! --Grandpa K

Their catalog has depth. It has breadth. It has class.

Like this cool folding lantern from 1900...

Or these brick clips (which are not easy to find!)

This Folding! Canvas! Bucket!

And this swell French mandoline for the kitchen...

Lee Valley Tools may just pull me over the border into Canada. I mean, this is a company which has Customer Service and Integrity as it's TOP TWO COMPANY PRINCIPLES!

I love them. I love their stuff.

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Woot! Thanks for the pointer, I subscribed to the gardening catalog.

(BTW, your grandparents are still alive? Cool! You are very fortunate! Enjoy!)

Ooh, I recognize that wood tools catalog on the site. My dad picked one up at a woodworkers' show and sent it to me for a friend who is a furniture maker. I didn't realize they had gardening stuff, though, so thanks!

Now that IS an impressive catalog! Thanks for the tip, Grandpa K and HIP.

I went buck wild and ordered their woodworking, hardware and gardening catalogs! I love companies that have useful products that go above and beyond your everyday mega - conglorporation products, especially when they are old-timey.Yay!

Lee Valley is great, but they aren't cheap.

I find myself drooling over a lot of the stuff and wishing I were rich.

I love this catalog - it's also good for crafters (they have tons of cool little tins and bottles that are awesome, and so hard to find!)


Oh, yeah. I use some of their little tins to keep spices in so I can have them all out on my counter all at once (I have, like, 75 different kinds of spice).

Lee Valley/Veritas tools "aren't cheap"?

Dood, what gauge are you going by here?

Compared to Harbor Freight feces that self-destructs the first time you use it, the prices are high.

However, consider the breadth of items they offer and compare them with similar items from other manufacturers.

I use their "apron plane", a little low-angle plane that's a joy to use and that garners top honors when reviewed with works of art like the Lie-Nielsen planes going for easily 20% to 200% more cash.

Also, they recently answered my prayers for a "woodworker quality" straight edge more than 24" long without having to sacrifice piles of cash to the gods of Starrett.

For some standard tools and supplies, they look a little pricey. Otherwise, they offer tons of unique and high-quality items for very reasonable prices.


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