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Many days this house resembles the southern plains in the 1930's. Thus, Steinbeck would have loved the Miracle Cloth.

Our Review

When my mom unpacked her suitcase, she handed me a pink towel.

Um, thanks Mom. I think?

But whoa! This...this...CLOTH picks up dust like a magnet. It doesn't just move it around, it REMOVES it. As in, buh-bye dust. And then you wash it and can USE IT AGAIN!

Oh man, it's like magic. Actually, it's called the Miracle Cloth and you can get it from the Solutions Catalog.

Now, if they made a Miracle Cloth that cleaned the catbox with a wave of my hand or made dog hair disappear...that would make me a completely happy woman.

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Oooh - we need one of these. I'm so tired of trying to dust up the drywall dust. Moms rule.

I love the Solutions catalog - I'm a total sucker for stuff like that. Thanks for the link!


And don't they just look fabulous arranged all Martha Stewart-like in that bucket?

Is that all it takes to make you a happy woman?...POPS"30"

I should probably wrap the cats in these to catch all the dust bunnies under the bed.


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