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Rust-Oleum helped us to finish off several unique projects, sealing rust areas and providing an attractive finish.

Our Review

We used a few Rust-Oleum products while refinishing our clawfoot tub and more recently on the radiator in our master bathroom. While we hired out the porcelain coating on the interior tub walls, refinishing the exterior walls and the tub feet were perfect DIY jobs.

Before heading to the store I found that the Rust-Oleum website is actually quite helpful. It includes a product recommendation tool right on the home page as well as a nice list of FAQs. For example...

What are the differences between the Professional paints and the Stops Rust paints? Both product lines offer the same protection and durability you have come to expect from Rust-Oleum. Professional dries in 15 minutes.

For our tub, we used the Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch product for the outer walls--a flat white--and a chrome metallic enamel to touch up the feet.

In the end, the finish is highly dependant on the quality of the surface it's being applied to. In our case we were lucky that the outer wall of the tub facing the room was in good shape. There are some blemishes on the other side, but luckily they'll be hidden facing the wall.

Our second Rust-Oleum project was the radiator in the same room. Originally a yellowish off-white, Paul discovered a service for us not far from our house that sandblasted the radiator down to the original cast iron. This gave us a smooth surface for repainting.

After researching several options, we ultimately found again that Rust-Oleum offered the most efficient and cost-effective solution. While many radiators like these originally had a finish coat that was aluminium-based, we found Rust-Oleum has a High Heat product that comes in a shiny gray that approaches the metallic look without introducing the complicated issues you have to address with a real metallic (a primer to prevent the metals from interacting negatively, a clear coat to prevent the aluminum flakes from leafing off, etc.) The Rust-Oleum High Heat was a spray-on solution that went on in just two coats.

Here's the radiator, in both unfinished iron and after the repainting.

Their High Heat product is rated up to 1200 degrees, so we certainly won't have any problems once the cold winter weather rolls around again.

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I was a great believer in Rust-Oleum until several years ago when they left Evanston for the south & cheaper labor.The products are still great but I can't forgive them for leaving the Chicago area....POPS -30-

The tub and radiator both look great. We've got an iron railing on the front porch stairs. I'm thinking I may need to get it sandblasted this summer and then paint it. I'll check out the Rustoleum website (even though they did leave Chicago)! Is sandblasting very expensive?

Hi Trissa!

The radiator cost $40 to be sandblasted at Ace Sandblasting on Elston here in Chicago.

Hi Pops...I didn't know that about Rustoleum. So sad that so many businesses are moving out of Evanston (we lived there before we moved to this house.)

Your radiator is beautiful. I can't imagine actually trying to take my radiators somewhere to get them sandblasted, I bet they weigh a small ton.

We used Rustoleum spray paint on our oven door, and it looks great. You would never know we spray-painted it.

Looks great~ much better than I would have expected from Rustoleum.. but maybe that just becasue of my own shaky and heavy hand with a can ;^).
The dull gray radiator looks supercool... too bad they can't stay like that.

I, too, have some mammoth radiators that are going to need to be stripped down at some point. I was going to dip-strip them, but sandblasting certainly sounds like a less toxic approach. But how to move them... Does anybody know if you can take them appart into indiviual fins for removal?


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