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On my nightstand right "old reliable" in home improvement.

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The Essential House Book is the first book I ever bought when I moved from an apartment to a condo.

Beautifully designed and fun to read, it dabbles in every subject related to house and home.

From covering the basics of structure and systems to getting organized to designing your space around your lifestyle to color and furnishings. It's all in here. Since it is edited like an illustrated encyclopedia, it really makes the best "before bedtime" read.

My copy is littered with Post-It notes and pages that have the corners turned down. After 8 years of home ownership, I keep coming back to this book again and again.

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We are starting our house building project and the French version of this book, called "La Maison" is also one of the first book I bought.

And I confirm it's great, showing you very well in which direction to think. And the price is very good for the size and the number of pictures.



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