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Ages ago, someone recommended that we watch Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. So we did! If you are undergoing a large scale home improvement project, you might want to rent it.

Our Review

Although the prices of home improvment and house building have changed since 1948 (oh man, have they!), the situation is a timeless one.

Man and wife live in cramped apartment. Decide to purchase charming old house. Are swept up in the house's potential...perhaps a little blind to the reality. Chaos ensues.

Add some Connecticut contractors. Some project scope changes. Cost overruns. Unexpected discoveries. And possibly one of the funniest lines in home building history as long as it isn't being spoken to me.

"We gotta blast."

Besides...there is Cary Grant! Myrna Loy! Whoohoo!

Even more amazing that it is based upon a true story. The real Mr. Blandings--Mr. Hodgins of Milford--started out to build an $11,000 house which, over time, ended up costing him $56,000. (In today's money, that would be $144,330 and $734,765. GAH!)

The real life story has a less happy ending than the movie. Mr. Eric Hodgins went bankrupt and was forced to sell the house. Two years later, he sold his story to a movie studio and earned $200,000 ($2.267 MILLION). But the new owners of his dream house wouldn't sell it back. (Double GAH!)

Moral of the story? Sell your story before you sell your house!

So, blog on, HouseBloggers, blog on!

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I love it! Thanks for reminding me of that film. I know I saw it years ago before I was into remodeling etc...
Who doesn't love Cary Grant? Just watched North by Northwest a few weeks ago..awesome film.
I have watched my bosses' addition triple in price with change orders etc... It floors me because she spends as much on one thing as we spent on our whole kitchen! But you know, that is OK- I like my little life just fine. :)

Even as a child I loved this movie, but now that I'm older and have added on and knocked out and built up and sideways, I love it even more. That's why I included it in the anthology I just put together: Adaptations: From Short Story to Big Screen. Check out the story (Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Castle)--it's just as funny.


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