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Redi Shades offer an attractive temporary solution to window treatments at a low cost.

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We first heard about these temporary window shades when a co-worker (Hi, Alina!) mentioned them to me. Later when Jeannie saw them blogged on Minor Adjustments we knew we had to check them out. Given that our preferred window treatments are a bit pricey, these provide an appealing solution in the mean time.

Available at Home Depot (and probably many other retailers), Redi Shades come in a pack of four. Each is a standard width of 48", but the kit includes a cutting grid to trim them to fit your own particular windows. They suggest that wider or taller windows can be easily covered by combining multiple shades.

In our own case, they're certainly a major improvement over the king sized sheet we were previously using in our bedroom (item #5 on our second floor punchlist, actually). The amazing thing is they're actually attractive enough that I could see living with them for a while...

Each shade attaches to the top of the window seal via an adhesive strip at the top of each shade. The level of the blind can be set and adjusted using two plastic clips, also included. It's not the most convenient process (adjusting them kinda feels like playing with a Jack-in-the-Box) but it gets the job done.

The most satisifying part is that it allows us to see out our second floor windows in the morning and enjoy the fall leaves as they change now that it's fall...

At less than $10 for a 4-pack, it's hard not to recommend Redi Shades as a quick, easy and attractive solution for anyone looking for temporary window treatments.

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I put these same shades up about a year ago. Until I get new windows, I'm keeping them up there. They still look good, but you might want to add a couple of white thumbtacks to hold them up in place, as the adhesive does lose its power quickly. You will also find that after your initial trim to length, that you will have to do further trimming of the shades one or two more times, as it tends to settle and stretch out. Overall though, I think they're great, especially for the price. From a distance, they look like regular, pricey shades that everyone else has.

They also come in vinyl to block the sun better for about $6 each. Seemed more important in the summer when we got ours but they really do work well. When you find a good deal on the Duette blinds please pass it along.

You know, if you attached them to a little strip of wood and had a way to maybe use tension to keep the wood into place, you could hang these so that the top half of the windows is still open - just like the fancy expensive shades.

We had these up in our main living room bay window for more than a couple of years--at that width they were a royal pain to fold up once lowered, especially if I left them down for any length of time (the pleats flatten out). But I was just at a friend's new house, and she has some that have draw strings, just like real blinds. Cool!

I'm using these in my apartment that we aren't living in now (too small with grandchild living with us). cheap!

We also used them for window coverings in our van. One fell down -- I just figured out that I'd put the adhesive strip on the plastic around the window on that one, but the successful shade had the adhesive on the glass.

Where to buy the redi-shades?

Kevin--We got them at Home Depot.

I really like the shades, but am wondering if you can get them in any other color besides white.

Redi Shades are available in a number of neutral colors... cream, a very pale peach, a handsome almond/wheat, oatmeal, black, as well as white in paper and fabric. The big retailers stock just the basics, not these other colors. Easy to buy on eBay or www.shadesinminutes.com

Hi there, I was just wondering where you can get these paper blinds? We just moved into a new house and need something quick!

I bought temporary blinds that were similar to redi-blinds that had a drawstring instead of a clip. They also had adhesive top, and came as light filtering or blackout. However, I can't find who makes them. They were priced between $10 to $20. Any help?

Redi Shades makes great black out shades too. They block out 99% of the light. Great for sleeping and keeping the sun out of the room on a hot day. Check out bedtimeplace.com to buy them.

Great art project for kids (or adults with a creative flair): Paint designs on them. Suggestion to use water based paint or food color watered down so that it spreads easily. We came up with some phenomenal designs. The kids adored creating their own shades. Stick with just a couple of colors in pastel/water color.

Redi Shade makes corded shades too...
Checkout Amazon.com and Fred meyer in the NW.


These shades are great but after you have them up for a couple years in the sunlight, they start to fall apart and emit an odor similar to B.O. they are for temp use only.

I need five 32Wx 110 long temp shades for sliders. Can you help me with this?

Thank You!
Judy Mudd


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