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When you have a newborn in a construction zone, the Amby provides a practical alternative to a crib.

Our Review

To be fair, we aren't necessarily in such dire straights regarding sleeping arrangements ourselves anymore...but if we were the Amby would be saving us (and Grace) from the chaos.

The Amby is a hammock hung on a metal frame, featuring a bed that tilts a baby's upper body up slightly. Designed for newborns and infants, it provides many of the benefits of those bouncing chairs you might put a child in during the daytime to keep them rocking. It provides protective mesh sides, two small fixed pillows that sit on either side of the child's hips to prevent them from rolling over, and a spring that provides a small amount of motion. If Grace fusses in the middle of the night, her movement sets the Amby to swinging and she lulls herself back to sleep.

We bought ours via Craigslist, after Jeannie read that they often help a baby sleep more soundly because they help with colic and acid relux. This is partially because the slight tilt elevates the baby's head for greater comfort. It's been nice to have Grace right by the side of the bed so we don't have to go off into another room when she wakes up in the night.

If we hadn't gotten the second floor ready in time, I think the Amby would have been even more beneficial. It fits easily in tight quarters and doesn't take up much floorspace. Plus, it's portable and can be easily moved.

Even though we've also got a crib (a loaner from good friends), we've still found the Amby to be a practical bedside sleeping quarters for Grace.

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I'd never heard of it - and I thought I was the queen of all new baby stuff - we had our second baby July 24, and he just moved to his own crib at 5 1/2 months (he slept in our bed until then)! Hopefully you have a couple of HALO sacks for Grace. They are wonderful and they have the added bonus of making your baby look like Sweet Pea (Popeye reference).

Wow, what a great idea. My daughter was incredibly colicky due to reflux and that would have been a lifesaver. Unfortunately, the only thing that worked for us was running the blow dryer from 5pm - 11pm every single night. Hopefully you'll never need to try that technique.

Grace is a cutie pie. I hope she brings you lots of smiles.

Those things are awesome! I wish we'd bought one for baby S because his reflux was awful. Oh my goodness She is THE most adorable baby ever!!! You must be so in love with her! I think you should clone her and auction them on Ebay.

do you still have your blue amby bed i need one but i can only pay 40+ shipping i'm in ky will you sell me yours..


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