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If you want to test out various tile patterns and colors, here's a very easy online tool to help.

Our Review

We don't often post about things when companies send us unsolicited links or offers, but every once in a while something good comes along.  Paul from MarbleDesigner.com contacted us last week after finding our posting about the tile patterns from Lavazza, and happened to have something cool to share.

MarbleDesigner.com offers a range of custom tiles, and they have a pretty cool online tile design tool they call Freestile.  It provides a very simple way for anyone to play around with various tile patterns, materials, and colors.

I won't over explain how it works, since a few screenshots will probably do the trick...


Obviously, after you've found a tile pattern you like the site makes it very easy to convert that in to an order.

While we aren't in the market for any new tile at the moment, it's a site I'm adding to our site because I'm sure it will come in handy when the time arises again.

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