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This house eats our clothes.  Seriously.  Or it tries to, anyway.  So I use the "one-two punch!" to fight back or else we'd be a) dressed like ragamuffins ALL of the time, or b) sinking all of our extra budget into purchasing clean shirts versus paying for lumber.

Our Review

I originally found the "Bleach Stick" in a clearance bin at Restoration Hardware a few years ago.  It looks like nothing special...no slick package, no bells or whistles. 

I was banging my head against a wall trying to keep stains out of our clothes.  Because of the ongoing work, you couldn't step through the door without rubbing against something dirty, getting splattered with something, carrying something and having it drip on you...you get the picture.  We had designated separate work clothes but over time EVERYTHING started looking like our work clothes.  Even towels.  Even LINENS!  So frustrating.  Stains make me nuts.

So, I was desperate.  Desperate enough to take a chance on an unknown stain remover that looked like an oversized tube of lip balm. 

I was suitably impressed.  I could draw my initials in the grime on the knees of Aaron's work khakis and...VOILA!  One wash cycle later and "jm" was right there on his knees.

What is the Bleach Stick?  Here is the copy from the Edwards Creative Product site:

BLEACH STICK incorporates the power of a safe chlorine-free bleach in a handy to use solid stick form. NO MESS - NO SPILLS! No danger of damaging expensive fabrics. Contains a special blend of powerful stain dissolving cleaners that is safe for all washables - whites and colors. It attacks the toughest stains like ink, coffee, perspiration, etc.

I order 3-6 tubes at a time now, online, and have them delivered right to my door.  Easy.

One of the tricks to using the Bleach Stick was to wet the stain first THEN apply the bleach stick.  So, when my mom was visiting (or, as we know her, "The Laundry Fairy"), she began wetting the stains with my OxiClean Stain Remover and THEN using the Bleach Stick.

The result?  WOW!  Even more stain fighting power!  Many pairs of khakis were reversed from work clothes designation back to "presentable clothes".

This still doesn't work on paint splatters or shellac stains, but we know in advance when we are going to be using those materials and change into special "painting clothes" that can take the abuse.

If you saw a dip in Eddie Bauer's Khaki sales, that was because we were able to save Aaron's current collection and haven't been ordering new ones in bulk.  Sorry, Eddie Bauer.  We love you anyway.

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