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You say it's pronounced "ox-oh"?  I'll tell you it stands for "hugs-kiss-hugs".

Our Review

When I married Aaron, he introduced me to OXO Products.  To say that he was a fan is really not conveying the VERY DEEP LOVE that he has for the OXO Brand.  If OXO didn't make something?  It wasn't in his kitchen drawer.  That I brought kitchen tools from otherManufacturersWhoShallNotBeNamed into the relationship?  Awkward.

Then we married and he donated all of my non-OXO kitchen tools.  And I fell in love with OXO too.  The GRIPS!  The LEVERAGE!  The EASE of CLEANING THEM!

That first year of marriage, we bought a household tool kit from OXO and I was a little skeptical.  Yeah, yeah, they ruled the kitchen.  But the workshop?  Bwah hah hah!  Don't make me....heyyyy.  This hammer.  It fits so nicely in my hand.  And the grip on this screwdriver.  Well, that's just...wait!  Don't try to take it from me!  Back off!


They were as great as the kitchen tools were, especially since I have ridiculously small hands and very little hand strength.  And when I say my hands are small...they are stupidly tiny.  My pinkie is not quite as wide as a No. 2 pencil and only 2.5 inches long.  I love my regular handtools, but they aren't always comfortable to use.  And pink tools?  Um.  No thanks.  Not really me.

So why do the OXO tools feel so good in your hands?  OXO Founder, Sam Farber, began designing kitchen tools for his wife who had a slight case of arthritis in her hands.  And they were a hit.  Their usability is fabulous.

Then, OXO stopped making hardware-type tools.  And I was sad.  Because they were so awesome!

Now, they've begun making hardware tools again!  Yeah!  And they've added GARDEN TOOLS! Woot!

Here are my favorite OXO products that we own at this point:


And yes, I can link all of these to working on the house...I use the pliers to pull old nails out of trim that we are going to refinish, cut an apple and make a salad for lunch, then head out in the car with my coffee to the hardware store to look for the stain which I forgot to buy.


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dont forget the awesome measuring cups with the angled faces that let you read the markings by looking down into them instead of sideways...i love thse things! just buy one in every size

i, too, am a fan of the oxo line of products. that apple slicer is divine!

enjoying reading the blog . . .

Oh! we have the salad spinner. I had no idea they made so much diff. stuff. Definitely all seems well made. The crossover is pretty funny.


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