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Blog help for the hopeless gardener.

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In order to reform my plant killing ways, I took a look around on the 'net for some fun gardening blogs.  Perhaps, if I read about OTHER people keeping things alive, I will be inspired or some of their good gardening juju will rub off on me.

I really love the name Heavy Petal, which is a gardening weblog from the Northwest.

Here are four more:

And from the Mead Library, this very cool list of resource links for many gardening and plant related topics.

I'm so sad that the site for Duh, Plants isn't up anymore.  "Duh" pretty much describes how my gardening friends look at me when I show them my wilting attempts.

GardenVoices over at the GardenWeb provides a whole mess o' blogs about gardening.

Lots of housebloggers, including Cincinnati Cape Cod, Chicago Two-Flat and Casa Decrepit ,are good at gardening AND home improvement maybe these tasks aren't mutually exclusive. I don't always have to fix everything with a hammer or a pair of pliers (in the garden that would be awkward).  Just use HouseBlogs search feature and type in "garden", "plants" or "flowers" and see what comes up!

Now if someone would just start a blog called "The Hopeless Gardener" or "The Black Thumb", I would be SO there...

Looking for More?

House in Progress Search for more on 'gardening' on this site. Search for 'gardening' on on other houseblogs like this one.
Google Search for 'gardening' on Google. Search for 'gardening' on


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