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My favorite bald guy.  It's not Kojak.  Or Moby.  It's Mr. Clean.

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WAY back at the beginning of January, I missed out on getting the chance to "nest" when Grace arrived on the scene a little early.  We moved upstairs as soon as we could to get settled before she was born, but I never got the opportunity to thoroughly clean the unglazed ceramic hex tiles in our bathroom.  They were a smudgy shade of grey from renovation dust and dirt and wet mopping/vinegar/Fantastik/etc.  was doing nothing to "un-smudge" them.

You can see that the shower tiles had a bit of a ring around the drain.  It's a little difficult to see in the photo, but in real life?  Much more obvious.  (By the way, this is an older post that had never been published.  I wrote this in...what...March or something?  Therefore, the socks I am wearing.  Time flies.)


I had read on many forums and blogs about the wonders of the Magic Eraser on bathtubs and tile, so I decided to check it out for myself.  The Magic Eraser looks innocent enough.  Like a little foam sponge.  I read the box and checked online trying to figure out what the "magic" part was (and, if touched, would I grow extra fingers eventually from chemicals "magic"?)  I couldn't find anything so I pressed on.

The bathroom floor was even more grey and smudgy because of foot traffic.  Ack.  Here is a close-up of the mess.


In order to make it last longer, I tore the Magic Eraser into three pieces.  Wet it, per the instructions.  And rubbed it on the tile.

Um.  Wow.


Can you see that?  I hope so.  In the space around the eraser, it was definitely cleaner.  And this took about .05 seconds, unlike my other feeble attempts.

Since then, I have discovered the more reasonably priced generic-brand "cleaning erasers" in my local grocery. 

The grout?  Well, we purposely chose dark grey grout to aesthetically show off the white tile AND to reduce cleaning woes.  So far?  One of the best decisions we've made, I think.   

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I thought I was your favorite bald guy!!
POPS --30--

Pops! Are you bald? Then, you are correct. Mr. Clean is now my SECOND favorite bald guy ;)

I love the magic eraser! Even if I don't know if the "magic" is going to give me cancer. They make my white sink white again, and take the stupid marks off the stupid white vinyl floor in the kitchen that I can't afford to replace yet.

And my mom's cat Ferguson thinks that they are awfully fun to take a bite out of.

I remember seeing the Magic Erasers on "Cancer in the store aisle" shows. If I remember right, the magic=formaldahyde ... of course, it was a Canadian show, so the US version may be different.

It does work like magic, though.

Jana, as soon as I read that, I immediately engaged my wonky Google-Fu. Here is the scoop on the composition of the Magic Eraser and here is the scoop on the formaldehyde link. Thanks for the heads up!

I too love the (truly) Magic Eraser. That, Goof-Off, and that orange stuff that takes out grease are my biggest thrills in life.

I recently invested in a Swiffer spray mop, and it's rounding out the list nicely. I usually don't get jazzed about expensive cleaning supplies that pretend to make life easier, but the mop truly does work great. And it's alot less work than real mops.

I had never used the "magic eraser" until today. Im amazed it removed the crayon stains in the dryer! I forgot to take the lumber crayon out of my work pants the other day! I found out the hard way :(

Yes, it is truly magic. I used it to clean our radiator covers that were once painted white, removed stains and not paint. I never thought to use it in the bathroom. Unlike you, we decided to use white grout in the most used bathroom in the house (bad) and I hate the yellowing that comes with it. I'm going to try the eraser on it. I'll let you know.


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