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I am usually a fan of hacking salvage and old house parts, but IKEA Hacker keeps me pretty entertained.

One of my favorite Ikea hacks made the Top Hacks List for 2006 . It was also the first hack ever posted at the Ikea Hacker blog.  This room divider made from the doors of an IKEA Pax wardrobe system.   This hack was first unveiled at the Apartment Therapy website (of which I am also a fan):

I would love to play with this idea someday, but use old wooden doors on rails somehow.  Or maybe hanging from ceiling tracks.  I don't know.  That sounds goofy but the picture in my head is super cool.

Aaron loves subtley hacking IKEA.  As you can see here when he took the back off of this freestanding cabinet to make a radiator cover/kitchen counter for our temporary kitchen.  And here, where he bolted IKEA lamps to the tops of the wardrobes for the closet.

So raise a glass to the cleverness of hackers...whether they use salvage or Swedish house parts.  Hacking is fun.

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Our friend Walt has an old barn door on original barn door slide hardware as the extra-wide door to his loft bedroom. Really cool. We're planning a big sliding door like that when we renovate our upstairs into a master suite; it will be the door between the bedroom and the bathroom and be an art piece no matter what position it is in.

I don't understand the point of the subtle hacking on Ikea blogs that aren't even noticeable. Maybe its just me but I can't even tell that something is wrong until you point it out

Our friend Jim is restoring an old house and had to remove a set of pocket doors when he opened up a room to expand the kitchen. One door was then re-used as a pantry door with the original pocket door track exposed. It looks most fabulous!


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