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Our friends at Swatchbox have launched an impressive interactive design tool.

Our Review

Back in 2006 we got a phone call from a small company asking us to be the keynote speaker ad a client gathering they were organizing. That company--Swatchbox Technologies--was interested in the trend of houseblogging and they thought their clients would be too. We had a great time at their event and kept in touch with them after the event. Over the past six months, they let us participate in testing for a new online tool they've launched today--DesignMyRoom.

The concept behind DMR is simple--take a photo of an empty room, add surfaces and objects, and mock up your interior design project before lifting a finger or spending a dime. Even better, it's a lot of fun to use.

I won't go in to detail on how it works here because they've posted some pretty good video tutorials here. From those you can get a pretty good feel for it, but even better you can get started right a way with your own design here.

Here's the beginnings of a design I was able to do in just 5 minutes...


Just be sure to register for a membership before you leave the site so your project isn't lost.

From what they've told us, they've got some big future plans for the site that aren't in the initial launch. Tops on my personal wishlist is a widget that allows projects to be embedded in to the user's own site (or houseblog). Uber-web 2.0 review site TechCrunch agrees, so maybe they'll work on it now that the launch is out of their way.

In the mean time, we'll need to design our own living room as we finish it up this fall so from our perspective they couldn't have launched at a better time! :-) Congrats to all the guys at Swatchbox for a great launch and best of luck with growing the site!

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What do I know about any of this stuff? Um...nothing. I live in a city apartment where fixing something is a matter of calling the super.

I just wanted to tell you I've been following your comments at SV Moms blog over the past few days and I think you're absolutely brilliant and thoughtful and someone I'd love to buy a coffee while we talk media strategy.


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