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Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit


A review that is searching for balance in the application of the Arts & Crafts philosophy

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Patterns of Home...and Light

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit

A wonderful book I've used to make some critical discoveries about our house.

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Updating Classic American Bungalows

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit

J's sister , Elaine, got us this book as a Christmas gift! A great overview of historical renovation and new ideas in modern bungalow design...

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Home by Design by Sarah Susanka

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit


Sarah Susanka is back with another look at the home that is better, not bigger.

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Natural Home Magazine

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit

An interesting, new magazine on how to develop a home that's comfortable and environmentally friendly.

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American Bungalow Magazine

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit

A great magazine on the bungalow, its origins, its revival, and its future.

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Bungalow Bathrooms by Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit

A valuable resource for anyone considering options for a period restoration of a bathroom.

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The Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka

Reviews, Category: Bungalow Lit

Our guiding philosophy and inspiration. An engaging and intelligent defense of building smarter, not bigger...

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