Keim Mineral Paints

Reviews, Category: Materials

Another alternative treatment we're considering for painting our bungalow's stucco exterior.

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Fresh Shellac Kits

Reviews, Category: Materials


Mixing your own fresh shellac can provide a smoother finish and isn't as difficult as you might think.

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Rust-Oleum Enamel Spraypaint

Reviews, Category: Materials


Rust-Oleum helped us to finish off several unique projects, sealing rust areas and providing an attractive finish.

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Plaster vs. Drywall

Reviews, Category: Materials


What we've decided in our own home, how we decided, and why you might do something differently...

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Beadboard Types and Styles

Reviews, Category: Materials

Adding a beadboard accent to a room can be accomplished in several ways.

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Peel Away

Reviews, Category: Materials


A respected product we've found appropriate for some (but not all) situations.

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Interlux Brightside Primer & Paint

Reviews, Category: Materials

If it's good enough for the high seas, it's good enough for bathroom remodeling!

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